Our Payment System –
A Simple Operation

We accept all forms of payment; cash, phone pay, credit cards, and all other forms of payment. All payments are encrypted and processed with the highest level of security. We never store credit information on our secure servers.

Micro Markets – A COVID 19 Solution 

Micro Markets, convenient, touch-less, and forward thinking amid COVID 19. We offer multiple options custom created to fit your every business need!

Touch -Less System
When your company installs one of our micro markets in your business, it runs completely on your phone. Simply download our app and then your phone will recognize when you are close to the market and allow you to do all of the shopping on your phone. You can even shop the market from your desk. In our app you can also use your phone as a self-scan and checkout tool by using your camera to scan the bar codes on all the products that you wish to purchase and checkout right from your phone.

Unattended Kiosks
We also offer a traditional kiosk similar to a touch screen self-checkout at a grocery store. Load cash onto your account at the kiosk and spend it through your account!

The Guaranteed Delivery System

This system guarantees that you receive your selection every time.

I-Vend technology uses an infrared light sensing unit consisting of a light emitter and receiver. During the first vend cycle, if a product is not sensed by the iVend™ system, the system waits one second then initiates a second vend cycle and rotates the helix until the product is sensed as dropped. A satisfied employee every time!